How To Use An Offset Smoker Grill


These days offset smoker grills have become quite common for cooking; the offset smoker grill comes with a side box smoker that allows one to do direct grilling in the box. This in a way helps in maintaining a cooking temperature for over a long period of time. No matter whichever smoker grill you choose, the way that you can slow cook is by maintaining a consistent cooking temperature. There are a few tips for those who use offset smoker grills or are planning to use one.

Tips for using offset smoker grills

  • It is important to season a smoker; first you need to coat the inside of the smoker grill with cooking oil and then one is required to start a fire in the side box smoker by adding woodchips for smoke. The oil and the smoker combine together to create barrier that protects the smoker grill from rusting.
  • If you are new at using a smoker grill then it is better to use charcoal in place of wood for lighting the fire. Learn with charcoal and then add wood chips to it.
  • It is better to pre heat the smoking chamber to the desired cooking temperature.
  • Don’t keep opening the smoker grill as it becomes impossible to maintain a consistent cooking temperature then.
  • Don’t put wet wood chips as it will take time for the fire to become consistent.

These are the few tips regarding the offset smoker grill and the side box smoker that one should be aware of.

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